Filtered Water For a Healthy Mind

For quite some time, a close friend of mine would always pester me to buy a water filter for my home. "It's so much cleaner, and healthier to drink filtered water!" he would go on, uploading all the useful information he had learnt when he attended a health workshop the year before. It took almost forever for me to finally buy one. I mean, our local tap water looks crystal clear, and besides, it's harnessed from a mountain river whose location in high steeped valleys makes it reliably clean even before the purification process at the municipal waterworks. However, when a relative of mine discovered that he had developed cancer because his borehole water was contaminated by arsenic, I got a stern wake-up call: water filtration is a must!

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Water filters have become increasingly popular in recent times. In fact, in some places, walking into a home without one is something of a rarity. For people who value their health and well being, there are a number of health benefits that come from drinking filtered water.

Free Of Arsenic And Aluminum

It isn't just enough for municipal authorities to kill bacteria using industrial chemicals simply because some water may contain certain dangerous chemical agents like arsenic and aluminum. Like I mentioned earlier, arsenic is a substance -a carcinogenic to be exact- that is present in certain water sources by virtue of location. Again, poorly filtered water may contain excessive amounts of aluminum, which is a soluble metal responsible for triggering health disorders and complications like Alzheimer's Disease, liver disease and skin problems. Closely associated with the latent chemical agents found in poorly or unfiltered water is the issue of Fluoride and Chloride poisoning.

So as you may know already, chloride and fluoride are chemicals used in the purification of public water. Whilst harmless, it does happen that mistakes are made and tap water can contain excessive amounts of chloride. Fortunately, a water filter is capable of eliminating the excessive amounts of chloride that make it to our taps. In high quantities, fluoride and chloride can cause various cancers.

Improved Metabolism

Because filtered water aides in the absorption of nutrients, it also has a direct, positive impact on metabolism. And if you are interested in losing weight, it should come as a welcome surprise that increased metabolism leads to gradual weight loss.

Filtered water is the next best thing. Get your water filter today.